September 18, 2016

O Açores Diário (2016)

New Work: "O Açores Diário" (2016) - 9 ISLANDS, 9 COLORS, 9 FILMS.

January 21, 2016


Dear Fans, Friends and Family,

We (4 Filmmakers from Europe) are making our fiction feature film debut about our (former) hometown Amsterdam. Our roots, trials, tribulations and last but never least: our beautiful 'influential' women. This tale takes place in the year of 2011... Five years ago, during One Hot Indian Summer. That time when LISA, The Hippest and Most Popular Chick in town actually jumped of her Art School rooftop building... As a statement? For an art project? No way. Perhaps she took the word “Angel” -- people call her Angel all day long -- too literal. Under the influence of self-hatred and the usual suspects: addiction, troubled past bla-bla-bla she flew too high. Or maybe she forgot to check her wings? Whatever happened is The Bomb dropped on the lives of others: her Friends, her Family and her Followers. 

Following the slugs, the stragglers and the leftovers that decided to stick around in an attempt to clean up all of this mess, we will non-chronologically experience The Aftermath, in mourning: One slow but long week, until all is sadly said and done. Everyone has to move on, back to reality... 5 years later Shamiro -- a good Friend, an MC during the Summer of '11 + Master of Ceremonies at The Funeral -- Reminisces this crazy summer. Rollin' a joint, reflecting and reading back his little black book full of flashbacks. He is still here. Well, here in Berlin. The rest? 
Find out and watch #declimax.

Master of Ceremonies: Shamiro
Master of Ceremonies: Shamiro
*Listen here for the #declimax moods and mayhem mixtape

June 1, 2015





#declimax = een ode aan de stad, haar vrouwen + een up to date generatieportret over 20ers van nu tot vijf jaar terug, de Bloggende DIY Smartphone Generatie. Influentials, vallende sterren + de eerste kennismaking met de Dood... 

#declimax = an ode to the City, its Women + an up to date portrait of a Generation: Blogging DIY Smartphone 20-somethings. Influentials, falling Stars and First Encounters with Death...

#declimax is een nieuwe Nederlandse speelfilm gepresenteerd door een internationaal Filmmakers collectief vanuit Amsterdam. Een vierluik van een kwartet filmmakers, dat het verhaal van vier Populaire twintigers (influentials) vertelt. Een groep vrienden die elkaar dreigen te verliezen op een kruispunt, een moment van teveel ruis, stress, aandacht en paniek. Het lawaai en de snelheid van de hedendaagse stad in haar bloei,in contrast met doodse stilte...

May 5, 2015

#Berlin #MayDay

All Photos by Daan van de Westelaken, May 2015

January 21, 2015

August 27, 2013

August 24, 2013

meet: Holymen

HOLYMEN? Yes, Holy Men. Mokum's Finest Sexiest Rock Band from Amsterdam.

January 1, 2013



November 1, 2012

De Droomkast 2.0

INDOmania 4

Melkweg Amsterdam, Mei 2012

October 21, 2012

Beggars Banquet

Last Month's Rolling Stones themed dinner party was a blast.

October 1, 2012

DEAL (2012)

DEAL by Eddy Terstall (2012)
Production Manager Amsterdam COLUMNBINE FILM

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